Angkor Recycled was found in 2007 by Ms YUNG Sothea.  Since that time, she needs to buy products at the countryside by herself, this product is created by local people’s hand that makes them can earn money from this work to support and improve their families live.

Most of the local people are farmers and living in poverty that always used pesticide for rice field, fishing, and then the waste like plastic had thrown out without sustainable used. As concerning to above matter, Ms YUNG Sothea had proposed the idea to buy that waste from local people and recycling to any products; meanwhile, Angkor Recycled had been published and finds many jobs for the poor people. Moreover, this work can provide them more understanding about sustainable used by waste recycling.

Income and benefit

Angkor Recycled has been started to work with one Tailor who has to support from her family. For all of the products, Sothea has sold at Angkor Night Market (Shop No. 60-61 and C67-C68) and these products are interested in many tourists both foreigner and Cambodian. Therefore, Angkor Recycled can earn money to support and improve their product activities. Nowadays, there are 20 tailors working and all of them come from the poor families and some of them are handicaps.

On the other hand, the payment is depending on the amount of the products. Furthermore, this job is providing the people more understanding about the benefit of the waste that can be recycled and also help saved the environment.

Product and market

The Products that we produced can be used by local people for their domestic purposes and for foreigners who came to visit Cambodia can buy a souvenir for their friends.


Most of the domestic retailers order from Angkor Recycled to sell in Cambodia souvenir markets. Moreover, for Internet service, the customer has bought these products to sell in Poland, USA, Germany, Italy. As a result, Angkor Recycled had tried to provide good service to the customers and also with good quality.